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June 18, 1963 - August 18, 2006

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Gavin Brian Coffee was born on June 18, 1963 in Anacortes, Washington to his loving parents Desmond and Tiblene Coffee. Growing up in a navy family and the oldest of six kids, Gavin learned how to adapt to change from the time he was very young. When his father went off to do his navy tours and then to serve in the Vietnam War, Gavin realized the value of life as a support for his mother, and being up on current events out of concern for his father's safety. He would regularly scan the newspapers and listen to news reports for any information concerning his dad.

While being a support at home, he often told a different story of his life at the many schools he attended. He said he would often spend more time out of class than in because of his outspoken opinions. It wasn't until he left for college at the University of Washington, that he started to realize that how he presented his opinion mattered. Years later, Gavin would often smile and remind people that "presentation is everything." He learned to listen more and talk less and to coat his words with compassion and humility and yet be able to say what needed to be said.

After graduating from the University, he went on to work in the University Pathology Lab, then took a job at KCTS, until he was asked by Gracie Cloud to serve on staff as a Children's Minister at Calvary Fellowship. Through his years there, Gavin's love and gifts of working with people of all ages grew. There he met his future wife Heidi Evans. They were married on July 11, 1992.

Years later, when Calvary Fellowship moved north, Gavin and Heidi decided to support their friend, John Aydelott, in starting a church. Gavin left his position at Calvary Fellowship and entered the field of computer technology. All the while, he continued to nurture children and adults through his serving at City Calvary Chapel and through his various workplaces.

Gavin's vision in working with children was to grow in them at an early age a love for Jesus Christ. He wanted to equip them for life by building qualities in them that would shape their character, make them strong, and affect the world through their knowledge of the Living God.

His legacy is all the people that he has touched throughout his full life. His greatest joy was to see people embrace God with their lives through their service to others. Gavin was an example of what a man should be. He loved his God, his family, and community. He was a good steward with his resources and laid down his life for others.

Gavin fought the good fight, he finished the race, he kept the faith.

Gavin is survived by his wife Heidi, his children, Laurisa, Natalia, Spencer, Torin and unborn baby, his parents, Desmond and Tibby Coffee, sisters, Deslene, Alicia, and Shannon, brothers Brett and Ian, and Heidi's parents Gary and Sharon Evans and Heidi's sister, Esther.

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Gavin's life: Album or Slide Show

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Graveside Service: Album or Slide Show

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Silas Gavin Coffee - Born November 27, 2006

Hello Dear Family and Friends,

Here are some photos of our sweet addition to our family. My lovely Mom, our dear friend Nada Jean, and a wonderful nurse named Karen were my support team. Silas is wonderful!

Labor went as good as a labor could go. Silas and I are doing well. He is very easy going at this point. When he is awake he has his eyes wide open trying taking in the world around him.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Silas Gavin Coffee Picture Album

Memorial Video

1 hour and 38 minutes:

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Also, special audio message from Pastor John Aydelott given 8/20/2006: G. A. V. I. N.


Title Date MP3
God's Plan and the Importance of Life's Struggles 30-MAY-2002
Becoming Like Christ 23-MAR-2003
How To Live For Eternity 16-NOV-2003
Being A Servant 23-NOV-2003
The Incredible Minimums 08-MAY-2005
Untitled 18-SEP-2005

Children's Songs

Possibly recorded around 1994?
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II Timothy 4:7-8    
Old Testament Books    
New Testament Books    
Cry of My Heart    
I Can Do Everything Through Him    
This Is What I Believe    
I'll Say Yes Lord    
Memorial Service Songs
Get A Life  
O Magnify The Lord    
Clap De Hands    
We'll Be Pickin' And Grinnin' In Heaven    
I Wanna Talk About Jesus (La Bamba)    
To Be Near You    

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A self-motivated, life-long learner, I am a generalist by nature with an insatiable curiosity to discover. My inclination as a reductionist leads me to look at things in a broad, systematic way before reducing them down into manageable components for improvement and enhancement. Using my analytical thinking, I enjoy applying existing skills and experiences creatively to solve problems and find solutions.


Customer technical support and productivity improvement; computer hardware and software installation, upgrades, and maintenance; computer imaging; and training.

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